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The Colorado Hemp Industry and Litigation

Over 300 Trials. Experience When It Matters Most.

We have handled cannabis litigation since it was legalized in this state in 2012. If things go south in a commercial litigation context, next thing you know, you’ve moved from a business dispute to a federal criminal prosecution.

The way we approach a case, whether it’s in hemp, cannabis, or otherwise is we want to know not only about the narrow, limited scope of the legal dispute, we want to understand the industry. We want to understand what keeps the CEO up at night. They’re concerned about whether the business has the resources to sustain or defend litigation.

Richards Carrington, LLC provides concierge-level legal representation to the Denver and Los Angeles communities. With over 300 jury trials under our belt, we bring a responsive, agile and fearless attitude to every case we take on. At our law firm, it’s a privilege to serve you. Call us toll-free at (888) 888-5280 to schedule a consultation.