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Case Stories

Over 300 Jury Trials. Experience When It Matters Most.

Military Individual Charged with Felony for Drawing a Firearm

View the transcript Being charged with a crime is a pivotal moment in anybody's life. There is so much fear and uncertainty for their future and they aren't sure what their next steps should be. One individual in the military learned the reality of getting charged...

The Long-Lasting Effects of Being Falsely Accused of Sexual Assault

View the transcript Accusations of sexual assault can ruin somebody's life, especially when the accused is innocent. Not only can these accusations follow them for life, but they can also turn their family against them, or ruin their family member's reputations for...

Acts of God, Government Overreach, and How They Affect You

Hi, there. Chris Carrington here. I’d like to talk about an issue that puts Colorado agriculture businesses at risk. Setting the Stage I live in Colorado, and the agriculture industry here is thriving. Production is dominated by livestock, specifically, cattle. Drive...