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Over 200 Jury Trials. Experience When It Matters Most.

Criminal Charges Client Video Testimonial

Richards and Carrington criminal defense firm are experienced in a wide variety of criminal law. They have the right team to provide you with the appropriate litigation in your case. Doug Richards is one of the top partners at the firm and can help turn your life...

Our Clients in Partition Case Avoid Forced Sale

The firm just tried a partition action in Weld County. A lot of people have asked me to explain a partition action; our marketing people said I should do that here. In our case, a mother conveyed agricultural land and water rights to her three children. The children...

Multiple Charges in Multiple Counties

A client’s family came to us regarding three open cases in three different counties. The charges involved: a new charge for felony drug possession; a violation of probation related to drug possession; and a DUI. We immediately worked closely with a local treatment...
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