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Former Police Officer Charged with Illegal Marijuana Cultivation

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A former police officer, Renee Rayton, had her home raided by law enforcement and was arrested and charged with illegal cultivation of marijuana. She had always been a rule follower and law-abiding citizen.

When Doug Richards first met Renee, she was devastated. The day Renee was arrested, it was her father’s birthday. He had passed away earlier in the year and Renee had plans to go to dinner with her family and visit his gravesite. The police did not let Renee contact any of her family members while she was under arrest and did not let her leave until 12 am. Before this incident, she was a firm believer in the justice system. Doug didn’t believe the case was going to go to trial. The elected D.A. to the case didn’t know too much about the case since they were not too involved. To Doug, it was clear that Renee wasn’t involved in this incident. Renee pushed for a quick trial and wanted to get this case resolved.

Two weeks before they were set for trial, the case was dismissed by the D.A. Instead of notifying Renee over the phone, Doug had Renee bring her family down to the office under the guise of going over how the trial would proceed. Renee talks about how great Doug was to work with. Renee explains how Doug looked at every piece of evidence, went down every avenue, and went above and beyond throughout the case.