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Drew Eddy Succeeds in Getting All Charges Dropped in Accidental Death Case

Over 300 Jury Trials. Experience When It Matters Most.

“I feel like Drew is more of a friend than a lawyer.”

Our client, Marcus, found himself between a rock and a hard place when an aggressive driver and his passenger antagonized him on his commute. Marcus was determined to get away from them safely, but the two wouldn’t give up, eventually stopping their vehicle in front of his car. After the two hostile drivers attempted to pull Marcus out of his car, our client exited his vehicle to confront them. In self-defense, Marcus put one of the aggressors into a chokehold, which led to his accidental death. Struggling to find peace with taking another person’s life, Marcus reached out to Richards Carrington Associate Lawyer Drew Eddy for legal representation. Drew worked tirelessly on Marcus’ case, arguing that his actions were justified as self-defense. With the case drawing to a close, Marcus received astonishing news from Drew. The DA’s office completely cleared Marcus of all charges. Watch the video to hear Marcus’ story in his own words.

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