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7 Questions with George Newhouse

George Newhouse is a former federal prosecutor and the newest member of the Richards Carrington team. We couldn’t be more excited to have him. And with experience in appellate law, business and commercial litigation, white collar crimes, and antitrust matters, we...

The Colorado Hemp Industry and Litigation

We have handled cannabis litigation since it was legalized in this state in 2012. If things go south in a commercial litigation context, next thing you know, you’ve moved from a business dispute to a federal criminal prosecution. The way we approach a case,...

Richards Carrington Prevails in 2015 Fishkill Battle

When a once-in-50-years storm caused a wastewater containment pond at 5 Star Feedlot to flood, the Colorado Attorney General smelled blood. Although authorities recovered only 379 dead fish from the nearby Republican River, the Attorney General’s office claimed the...