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What is Looping?

Looping is the process of selling marijuana to the same customer multiple times in a day. At first, the law stated dispensaries can sell a certain amount of marijuana to a customer per transaction. However, customers started to abuse this law by buying multiple amounts in the same day through separate transactions. This was until the state started to investigate the practice of looping. To stop looping the law has now been clarified that dispensaries can only sell a certain amount per day.

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Looping Investigations

Looping investigations in Denver, Colorado has become a high priority because of the unclear law. The law at first stated dispensaries can sell a certain amount of marijuana per transaction. Dispensaries took advantage of the ability to increase sales and customers were happy to buy through multiple transactions. However, now the law has been changed from per transaction to per day to limit the practice of looping.

Looping investigations in Denver are making efforts to stop looping by undergoing new clarifications of dispensaries regulations.

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